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No matter if you are involved in manufacturing, water treatment, deliver of fuels or any other type of operation, having accurate flow data is crucial to your success and profit. Even a slight error can mean the difference between profit or loss and in some cases errors can result in disaster. Disaster can mean part of your operation is destroyed shutting it down till repairs can be made and in the worst-case scenario disaster can mean injury or loss of life.

Fortunately technology today is better than it used to be in the past and proper attention to details errors can be reduced or eliminated entirely. Use of computers help to greatly reduce inaccuracies and sensors, flow meters and other parts of these highly complex systems are far more sensitive than just a few years ago.

All flow meters, sensors and other equipment will come with full data sheets that give full specifications, tolerances and any other information you need to make informed choices. It used to be a more time consuming process to contact the manufacturer and request literature. Today most of this is done via the Internet. Distributors of such products normally maintain websites where you can download any documentation you need prior to purchasing these products. This saves time and time is money.

If you are looking for flow meters (often spelled flowmeters) and are not sure of what you are looking at or for then feel free to contact your distributors for advice. Most companies that sell sensors, flow meters and other related equipment will have knowledgeable staff that can help. In most cases however your engineer or other personnel in your employ will be able to make these decisions for you.

Our website has a number of helpful articles and other information that is geared more to the layperson to help in understanding the terminology and types of equipment available. Feel free to look over our primer series, (Introduction, Mechanical, Magnetic, Ultrasound and Coriolis).

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